Duke of Edinburgh International Award - Coming Soon!

Founded in 1956 by HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth development award with over a million youth participating in over 140 countries. It will soon be available to youth ages 14 to 24 as part of the Northern Star Scouting youth development program.

The award is an exciting self-development program focusing on creating global citizens and empowering young people on a journey of personal discovery and development of life skills through service, physical fitness, skill development and an adventurous journey. The award is achieved through activities within the local community and is largely self directed. Anish Luitel, Nepalese Scoutmaster, recent speaker at the Million Dollar Day Breakfast and climber of Mt Everest, holds the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

Locally, Vicki Jurek,Pack 3477 Committee Chair, earned the DOE Gold Award as a youth in Great Britain and also holds the Queen Scout award. The Award also provides the perfect opportunity to further challenge Eagle, Summit and Quartermaster award holders and keep them connected to Scouting. It can also be an alternative to traditional Scout advancement.

Those leaders interested in helping to bring the program to the council and their units may want to consider attending The Award training scheduled for April 5 - 8 at Sea Base in Florida. Local unit leader training is also expected to be available locally on a future date. There will also be an information session at the spring University of Scouting. Locally contact Kathryn Wyatt, Base Camp Director, at or Bob Gwinn, Award Coordinator,

Vicki Jurek’s Duke of Edinburgh Award Experience

Growing up with Scouts in the UK, the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award was something I always wanted to do. My journey took me through both the Silver and Gold Awards and I was challenged in many unique ways. After earning my Gold Award, I was invited to St. James’ Palace in London to be presented with the award by The Duke of Edinburgh himself, Prince Philip.

The DofE program has taught me about success and achievement, as well as lifelong skills and friendships. It has helped to make me the person I am today: a person who is dedicated, aspires to be better, never gives up and helps others to do the same. From my personal experience, when you are out on the moors in Wales and it is starting to snow and you still have 2 miles to go to your campsite on your Gold Expedition, it is hard to think how this will help you in the future, but though team work, perseverance and not giving up, the struggle pays off because the end result lasts for a lifetime.

Completing my DofE Award has made me a more confident person, without a doubt. I would not have had the successes I have had in my life without it. It requires hard work and dedication, but the outcome is phenomenal. I believe that people who complete their DofE truly understand just how important it is, as everybody gets a different experience from it. It is a catalyst for building self-confidence, which is crucial for the youth of today.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award - Coming Soon!

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