Bloomington Heritage Days - Parade and Mobile Archery Range

Volunteers needed - Join the Fun!

This is a big recruiting effort!  We have a mobile archery range reserved and a parade reservation for the Bloomington Heritage Days event.  The festival will be at Nativity of Mary Catholic Church.  This is a great opportunity to be visible in our community, recruit new Scouts and to show fun things that we do in Scouting.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THE ARCHERY RANGEBoth adult and youthCome out and enjoy the fun! 

Each shift will need 3 adults and 3 Scouts – 2 adults for the firing line, 1 adult for the queuing line (hand out stickers, materials and promote the program).  I Scout to retrieve arrows, one Scout on right and left flanks to ensure no one wanders into the firing line.  1 adult each shift will be the range master – will need to watch the video (very easy).  

Saturday archery range hours:

  • 11:00am - set-up (3 adults)
  • 12:00-2:00pm (3 adults, 3 Scouts) 
  • 2:00-4:00pm (3 adults, 3 Scouts) 
  • 4:00-6:00pm (3 adults, 3 Scouts)
  •  6:00 pm - take down (3 adults)

Bloomington Heritage Days - Parade – Saturday, Sept 21, 10:00am to 1:00pm, meet by Gene C. Kelly Play Field by 102nd St

Join us and march in the parade! 

           Contact:  Tracy Le Guillou


 Bloomington Heritage Days - Archery Range – Saturday, Sept 21, Nativity of Mary Catholic Church  (see schedule above)

Contact:  Pam Hastings


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